Sunday, July 11, 2010

nad me love
topshop tunic,dorothy perkins grey tights and bag,cotton on scarf and sandals.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my bag:
-safety pins
-vaseline body lotion
-touch n go!
i bought this belt few years back in topshop,it costs me for bloody 139 bucks,but i only wore it once.sigh i need to be more cost savvy with things that i buy especially with those that i dont really wear.But how ?talking about the no shop policy.yes i admit i tend to buy things unnecessarily everytime i go out..well i used to be like that ,and also the brandconcious -code type?

my mum always talk about saving the money i have for future wise,but it comes to no avail,before.
now i appreciate the things that i have because i finally realised how important money is .food,transport etc....outing with friends ..

so now ill try to look for something that is pretty and worth its price.i'll be happy if i can get anything below rm 50 and less less less!
good huh?excuse me.

nah my happy face:)

sorry so vain .

Sunday, July 4, 2010

those things

i carry this scarf everywhere i go,but i only wear it in the car.most of the times i leave it in d car..i dont know where it is now.cry.

i got this bow clip from gossips. they come in 4 different colours but i only bought one because im so good like
i like my new baby likes it too.

konichiwa bitzhess

since im on my summer break now,i guess i'll have ample of free time to update this blog and make it alive agn like before?i cant promise .hehe. im busy with work now.cry.
Im working as a practical trainee in Toplinkt Corporate Management.
I must admit it's tiring to work in an office but it gets more tiring when you have nothing to do.Im an intern,there's not much i can do.cry.